Connecting Pharmaceutical Knowledge

The Netherlands ISPE Young Professionals

In 2017, the ISPE Netherlands Affiliate proudly formed the Young Professionals group which since then is growing at a steady pace!

The Netherlands Young Professionals group is a community of young talents working in the pharmaceutical industry.

The community plans and executes events throughout the whole year for:

  • exchanging knowledge
  • expanding your network
  • socialize with likeminded from our industry.

As member of the ISPE you have:

  • access to the ISPE database,
  • join many social events
  • have access to all shared information and presentations.

The ISPE YP board currently consists of 7 members who are very enthusiastic to welcome new members and to organize great events from and for young professionals!

This site is an extension of the ISPE Netherlands YP affiliate page. In addition to our formal home page this site is used for:

  • Subscribe to our events
  • Register for our newsletter

This site is available for ISPE members and non-ISPE members. Our formal YP affiliate page is only available for ISPE members.

For more information you can visit our Facebook group or LinkedIn group

We are looking forward to hear from you and to welcome you to one of our Young Professionals events!