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Paperless Validation

18-May-2021 15:00 -17:00

Paperless Validation is a dream for many companies in the Life Science industry. In the current COVID-19 crisis with many travel restrictions, people have to be creative.. This webinar will show you an example hoe to set a major step forward in realising Paperless Validation by using software development tools .

Experienced consultants in Computer Software Validation have created a validation strategy using Microsoft Azure DevOps and Modern Requirements.

Participate in this webinar and share your opinion about the applicability of this approach for efficient and Paperless Validation. More details will follow.

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IT Infrastructure Qualification & Security

14-Oct-2021 15:00 -17:00

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Critical Thinking & Periodic Review

07-Dec-2021 15:00 -17:00

In this webinar we wil discuss the related topics CSA Critical Thinking and Periodic Review on operational processes.

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